Deployment of large-scale pilots

Pharaon has reached an important milestone: the Pharaon pilots completed the pre-validation (validation at a small scale) phases which provided early feedback to the function and usefulness of the Pharaon platforms and their integrated technologies, and have now started deployment of the large-scale pilots.

The large-scale pilots involve all the pilot users in real-world scenarios for an extended period of time (about 12 months). They are currently being deployed in all Pharaon pilot sites in 5 countries – Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Netherlands – engaging older people, formal and informal carers, social workers etc.

For example, in Andalusia a tablet is provided to older adults to combat loneliness and social isolation (as seen in the picture above of the deployment in the village of Arjona). In the Netherlands, older adults that travel to the super market and social outings with the PlusBus (a mobility service for older people), will use a wide range of technologies that enrich their travels, like a virtual eating and cooking coach, as well as a monitoring tool for physical activity. In Portugal, Pharaon will deploy the Sentab App with several older adults, motivating them to interact with other older adults, play cognitive games, order services and goods using the technology and promote the integration with the near community. Get a sneak-peak into the deployment of this pilot: