Project Objectives

The collaborative partnership between large enterprises, SMEs, research organisations, regional and local public authorities, health care providers and institutes, and social organisations will ensure the platforms developed meet the needs of older adults, formal, and informal carers, while offering opportunities to digital tool providers to leverage their devices, systems, and equipment to provide support to a larger population across Europe.

IDENTIFY the current state of interoperability between widely used platforms and partner solutions and solutions from third parties involved.

IMPLEMENT personalised analytics that provide older adults and their caregivers with the most pertinent physical and mental health as well as wellbeing information.

DEMONSTRATE the feasibility of integrating the PHArA-ON platforms with existing systems related to intelligent transport and mobility, energy optimisation, and smart cities.

ENSURE user-friendly human-computer interaction modes that address various capacity limitations and provide rapid access to useable information.

VALIDATE the PHArA-ON platforms at an early stage providing feedback to the function and usefulness of these platforms and their integrated technologies.

INVOLVE new stakeholders and their technologies, products, or services in the different ecosystems through the launch of open calls.

PILOT the platforms in 6 different sites from 5 countries, with a scope of thousands of users including older adults, formal, and non-formal caregivers.

PROVE the efficacy of the platforms by applying standards and proven metrics, which will allow objective assessment of the value of the PHArA-ON platform.