The 6 Pharaon pilots will be built on open platforms, standardized ontologies, application program interfaces, results from IoT-based smart living environments, service robotics, wearables, and portable systems. The industry partners of the Pharaon consortium will provide solutions that will, along with the ones identified at future open calls, address the challenges identified at the pilot sites.


ALFRED (ASCORA, NFE) is a mobile, personalized assistant for older persons that helps them to stay independent, to coordinate with carers, and to foster their social inclusion.


AMICARE (CETEM) is a smart system capable of monitoring user activity and evaluating its status in a non-intrusive manner via a network of sensors embedded in furniture elements.


ASISTAE (FAMA & CETEM) is an intelligent device that allows family members of older people or people living alone to be informed of their habits and routines 24 hours a day. ASISTAE uses a circuit connected to a sensor that can be placed on an armchair, a sofa, or a bed and can detect when that piece of furniture is being used. Through this system and an easy-to-use mobile application, relatives can gain insight into the health-related behaviours of their relatives. The mobile application also enables intuitive alarm setting, where alerts are sent to caregivers based on the unusual activities of the user.


AwareMe (ROBOTNIK) uses sensors that are integrated into clothes, jewelry, or shoes and measure vital parameters and movements. Distributed and networked actuators note a slowly rising need for physical activity and give recommendations for therapeutic exercises in an unobtrusive and non-stigmatizing way.

Companion Robots

Companion Robots (CORO) is intended for advanced personal services, including companionship and entertainment. The design and technologies are particularly suited for tele-care, co-working in assistive residential facilities, and the coaching of seniors.

Ease by HERO

Ease (ASC) developed by the HERO project deals with digitization of family care. HERO aims to relieve and protect family members from the burden of excessive care demands. To this end, HERO is to be implemented as a user-centered, mobile administration system for the exchange and synchronization of information, so that members of an individual care network can quickly assess the care status of the person in need of care, even remotely. Tasks and processes relating to the specific nursing case become visible to all relatives at a differentiated depth and in a manner that conforms to data protection regulations. The planning of interventions is this optimized and documented in an error-free way by automatic systems. The care of relatives is fundamentally improved by HERO.

Flink2Go and Tikki

Flink2Go (ASC) is a B2B product for the construction section. It is a solution for documenting and overviewing construction defects. Requests and tasks can be sent automatically to responsible persons. This function is a further development from Ascora’s ticket system Tikki. Tikki is an email- based support system with an escalation management to ensure that support tickets are answered within a specified period of time.


Glassistant (ASC) are smart glasses that provide assistance to people with mild cognitive impairments.

Handy Smart Ring

Handy Smart Ring (CORO) is a wearable smart-ring including sensors to assess vital signals and activity as well as improve user experience in controlling domotic applications.


Healthcare Robotics II

Healthcare Robotics II (ROBOTNIK) is an e-diagnostic mobile station based on RB1-Base robot from Robotnik, a diagnostic support module (equipped with non-invasive sensors/devices), and an Electronic Health Records (EHR) interface.


IoTool (SENLAB) helps connect IoT devices via any interface to a smartphone (with more than 100 sensors and 20 actuators already supported through flexible and open extensions system). The collected data is encrypted, stored, displayed, processed, and synchronized to the Cloud (IoTool servers enable full user access and are available in 16 datacenters around the World, as self-deployed servers or other IoT platforms, like IBM Watson).


IoChat (SENLAB) is secure audio / video conferencing for healthcare and wellness. iochat is a secured communication platform, multi-platform client / api / self-hosted server / private cloud solution used by all types of health and wellness institutions. Using IoChat, Daisy is a very simple video conferencing client on the TV with very low investment and simple installation

Daisy is used as a pre-pilot Pharaon solution to avoid social isolation during the coronavirus pandemic at the Slovenian Pilot at Izola Retirement Home. Learn more about Daisy (click here)

MISS Activity

The MISS Activity is a development of the MOX Activity Monitor from Maastricht Instruments. It is an easy-to-use activity monitor for older people. The MISS Activity is unique because: the specially adapted algorithm is tailored to the slow gait of the target group; the user interface method of use has been developed with and for the target group; the MISS Activity can be carried in the pocket; the activity meter validly measures the number of steps and active minutes; the data is displayed in a simple way in the app. In the app, the user can see the data of that day and the distribution of the number of steps and active minutes spread over the day. In the same app, the participant can indicate the personal step goal and active minute goal.


MoVer-1 (CORO) is a mobile robot providing UV-C sanitising and surveillance services. MoVer-1 acts as a mobile base to a separated module, made of UV-C rays lamps perpendicular to the floor and 45° rotated lamps for the irradiation of flat surfaces, such as beds, desks or surgical lights.


SeniorsPhone (SENLAB) features a simple and easy interface with big buttons for easy calling, texting, SOS, location functions and other functions (weather, magnifier, music, flashlight …). It can be used as a simplified phone or a simple launcher replacing an old Nokia or Blackberry. Video showing SeniorsPhone application (click here) –


InvisibleCare (SENLAB) is a complementary app to SeniorsPhone for informal or formal caregivers. Both apps use platforms and



MEDON (GLINTT) is an Integrated Information System solution for Therapeutical Reconciliation. MedOn will allow doctors to access all the information about patient’s medication in the same platform. MedOn ensures quality in the treatment and in the exchange of information between healthcare professionals.

MOX Accelerometry

MOX Accelerometry (MAIN) measures healthy (household activities, walks/hikes, sports) and unhealthy activity (sitting, lying down).


PACO (RRD) – Persuasive eHealth Agents for Coaching Older adults – is an 8-weekly program that aims at the promotion of healthy eating behaviour in older people, while simultaneously reducing loneliness. PACO can be used on computers and tablets. Two virtual coaches guide the participants through the different modules of PACO. 


Robots in assisted living environments

Robots in assisted living environments (ROBOTNIK) are unobtrusive, efficient, reliable and modular solutions for independent ageing. They are based on small robots (vacuum cleaner type) and smart homes.

Sentab system

Sentab system (SENTAB) is a platform providing entertainment, social interaction, and monitoring for older adults and their families, bringing all the necessary social interaction and communications features to an easy-to-use modern interface. It is a box product that can be installed and used in the matter of minutes. It connects seniors with their caregivers and relatives seamlessly over the interfaces that are the most familiar to them – TV interfaces for seniors, and web and mobile interfaces for caregivers, providing amongst other features video calling and media sharing. This is perfect tool for families to keep in touch post COVID-19 era


Smartband (UPCT) is an IoT-based solution to monitor the user’s health data. To achieve this, Mi Smartband 5 (Xiaomi) wearables are used. Smartband is compatible with Android smartphones. The user interface allows to visualise the steps and heart rate in real time. The graphical interfaces for the caregiver and the professional offer additional functionality by allowing the user to query the historical records and to manage alarms in the case of the professional.

Pharaon Platforms


CATAALOG (M&S) is a curated catalogue for AAL and smart health solutions and technologies. It provides an overview of existing and upcoming smart solutions for active and healthy ageing. CATAALOG contains a comprehensive collection of AAL products and solutions, and relevant suppliers. Both market-ready and near market ready products are collected to allow investors and innovation procurers to gain an overview of upcoming and promising products and solutions. Other consumers are provided with market-ready products only, and can search for the best solution for their needs.

Continous Care & Coaching Platform

Continuous Care & Coaching Platform (C3PO) (RRD) is an eHealth platform consisting of three main software modules, (I) an Android Application Framework that allows for specific app-configuration based on particular requirements, (II) a database management system (R2D2: Roessingh Research and Development Database) for secure sensor data storage accessible through a web API, and (III) a configurable Web Portal for user management and data visualization.


Ewall (RRD, ENT) is a platform based on the integration of an interactive screen with a home sensing infrastructure that provides a Caring Home environment for older users with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Mild Cognitive Impairments (MCI), and frailty conditions. Its main objectives are to prolong the independent living of its users via a variety of monitoring and assistive services and notify caregivers and healthcare professionals.

ICE Data Platform

ICE Data Platform (ICE) is a platform for supporting seamless integration of data regardless of the type of data, source of information, or domain. IDP allows the creation of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) routines by using semantic reasoning which helps extracting hidden meanings of data sources. This makes original data interoperable with other systems. . 

Workflow and Service Automation Platform (WASP)

Workflow and Service Automation Platform (ICE) by  is a platform for designing, executing and managing processes. Processes involve users reviewing/providing information, execution of software services, or combination of both. WASP can be used for full business process automation, full software service orchestration, or a combination of both.



MIW+ (MIWENERGIA) is an Energy Management Software that provides information about energy consumption collected in different parts of the inside grid of consumers. Data collected is processed and analysed through algorithms in order to provide energy saving recommendations to end users. Equipment must be installed in order to measure energy consumption and send the data to the company server.


uGRID (MIWENERGIA) is an Energy Management software that provides information about energy consumption collected in different parts of the inside grid of consumers. Data collected is processed and analysed through algorithms in order to provide energy saving recommendations to end users. Equipment must be installed in order to measure energy consumption and send the data to the company server. Monitoring your installation with uGRID you can predict future failures, configure alerts based on your requirements, and generate reports to analyse your energy consumption behaviour..

Onesait Healthcare

Onesait Healthcare (INDRA) is a telemedicine platform that allows the treatment and follow – up of chronic patients at home. The system also offers tools for the bidirectional communication among healthcare professionals in the clinical setting and patients at home, so that patients are provided with personalized treatments according to their clinical conditions and progress. Onesait Healthcare currently allows the remote monitoring of patients suffering from diabetes and arterial hypertension, while enabling mobility-ubiquity of users, personalization, and interoperability between systems (seamless systems).

Onesait Platform

Onesait Platform offers a large number of advantages for the development and deployments of all kinds of solutions (microservices, IoT, AI, …). Onesait Platform provides the flexibility for developers to build their own solutions in a solid and agile way using Open Source technologies and a flexible microservices-based architecture. Onesait Platform covers the complete data’s life cycle (from ingest to visualization, including processing and analysis) and offers a unified web console for the development and operation of solutions built on the platform. The platform offers several assistants for developing systems with complex architectures in a simple way and reducing its time2market.


Regicare (ADS) is a comprehensive ICT system that supports all primary processes within wellbeing organizations, including information about clients, staff, customers, and suppliers. The system offers support for individual client management, organization of collective activities, and the organization and management of volunteers.

SmartHabits Platform

The SmartHabits Platform (ENT) is a core part of the SmartHabits system. The system utilizes Artificial Intelligence concepts of reasoning, pattern detection, decision making, and relies upon advances in Ambient Intelligence (AmI), sensor networks, and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). The SmartHabits Platform is based on microservices architecture providing great flexibility for responding to the needs of different scenarios and can support any number of (Smart) Home-Sensing environments.