CareBridge – Pharaon Second Open Call winner

Project Partners: CAPTAIN Coach P.C (CAP), WITA SRL (WITA), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

Countries: Greece, Italy

Poorly executed transitions from hospital to homes can potentially result in poor health outcomes such as readmissions, adverse events and low quality of life. There are health factors that are often unaddressed during hospitalization and which are not monitored when the patient transitions to home. ICT tools can be used to provide additional information on a patient’s function in an unobtrusive way that can potentially boost the assessment. CareBridge equips healthcare providers and caregivers with information on a patient’s functional status and cognitive abilities through the continuum of care.

CareBridge is structured around three key pillars:

  • Development of an integrated system, utilizing Mentorage (WITA) and VitaLink (CAP), to enable seamless patient monitoring during hospitalization and at home following hospital discharge;
  • Real-world testing and experimentation to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution;
  • Delivery of essential, user-friendly, and intuitive information to healthcare professionals and caregivers, ensuring that they have access to the critical insights they need for creating personalized plans for transitions.

The CareBridge data will be used primarily for predicting improvements or deterioration of health during and after hospitalization, while on long-term we envisage the creation of personalized care plans based on the monitoring.