Co-creation with formal caregivers at the Portuguese Pharaon Pilot

After Cáritas Coimbra carried out co-creation sessions with users of the Residential Structures of Cáritas Coimbra, it was the turn of formal caregivers to also contribute. A group session was held with the participation of 17 employees who were able to share their opinions on a b-learning platform called “Campus of Caregivers” aimed at formal and informal caregivers and on a “Social Incubator” that will consist of a digital platform focused on the dissemination of services, products and events.

Cáritas Coimbra is the Portuguese pilot leader of Pharaon, which intends to test digital services and applications to be distributed and used by older adults, with a view of improving their independence, security and capabilities. One way to achieve this goal is to reinforce community support resources (as is the case with formal and informal caregivers) to the most vulnerable groups of older adults.

Technical Directors, Social Workers and Support Workers attended the session. The main objective of this meeting was to collect requirements that allow the construction of new platforms, with the potential users of these technologies. To promote the implementation of this type of services, it is essential to collect information about the real needs and challenges in the field by those who experience them daily.