Cognitive rehabilitation with NeuronUP in the Andalusian Pilot

In the Pharon pilot of Andalusia, the implementation of Pharaon has had a more than positive impact thanks to its particular focus on combating unwanted loneliness and promoting social cohesion.

The pilot coordinated by the Ageing Lab Foundation, together with the University of Jaén, the Provincial Council of Jaén and Minsait de Indra, has been focused on three key objectives focused on improving the lives of participants:

  1. Promoting community participation: Using the Sentab social network, participants were encouraged to interact and participate in the community, promoting social integration.
  2. Support for physical well-being: Through the MISS Activity device, participants were motivated to remain physically active, contributing to their overall health.
  3. Promotion of cognitive stimulation: With the NeuronUP platform, activities are offered that stimulate cognitive functions , helping to keep the mind active.

NeuronUP was integrated into the project from the first call, in October 2023, under an evaluation period of three months. Since then, the rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation platform was deployed in 9 Andalusian municipalities : Castillo de Locubín, Arjona, Martos, Peal de Becerro and Alcaudete (Jaén); and Las Gabias, Atarfe, Zaidín and Albolote (Granada). In total, 60 participants have received training on NeuronUP, of which 49 are older people and 11 are professionals.

The implementation of NeuronUP has been carried out under two different approaches:

  1. In residences and day centers: Where technicians from the University of Jaén and the Aging Lab Foundation have trained the professionals of these centers so that they could work with our neurorehabilitation platform in an optimal and individualized way with the users.
  2. In active participation centers: Here, the duration of the pilot has been extended from three to six months due to the high motivation of the users. In this case, the University of Jaén has provided direct training to the users, who have then been able to work autonomously from home, with the personalized NeuronUP2GO sessions .

This dual approach has allowed the use of NeuronUP to be adapted to the specific needs of different environments. The positive response and great commitment that the participants have shown on each occasion are an example of the added value that the NeuronUP platform brings to the project, offering essential tools for active and participatory aging.