Deployment of Pharaon continues at Community Center Saint Joseph, Portugal

Since 29 September a group of people over 65 years old have started to use the Pharaon solutions at the Community Center Saint Joseph at the Portuguese pilot, led by the Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra. Under the theme of smart, healthy and friendly cities for all ages, the overall objective of the project is to provide support for active aging of the European population, developing integrated platforms that allow personalized services.

Participants received tablets which will support them in their day to day, but also provide cognitive stimulation and improvement of overall wellbeing. The group has participated in weekly meetings at the Saint Joseph Community Centre which, more than promoting the use of tablets, have served as moments of socializing and sharing, tightening relationships in the neighborhood and with the Community Center itself.


In recent weeks, some young people from the Youth Activity Center have joined their contribution to this activity, volunteering as “mentors” to the older people in the use of technology, enriching even more the value of these moments.