Ericsson Nikola Tesla – Who is who in Pharaon

Ericsson Nikola Tesla (ENT) is a Croatian company that, as an associated company of the Ericsson Group, operates in the global ICT market. ENT is the largest specialized provider of telecommunications products, solutions and services in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as a provider of innovative ICT solutions related to health care, transport, state administration, utilities, and multimedia communication. ENT employs over 2400 people and with a focus on knowledge and innovation, it is the leading Croatian knowledge exporter. Key activities encompass the following: 1) research and development; 2) implementation of e2e communication solutions and ICT solutions for industry and society; 3) local, regional, and global delivery of services; 4) marketing and sales network. The Ericsson Nikola Tesla Group employs more than 3000 people and has been in business for fifty-five successful years. ENT e-Health systems department develops, provides and maintains large-scale healthcare information systems and personalized healthcare systems. ENT has created, implemented, and are is maintaining the Croatian primary healthcare integration system.

ENT in other projects/activities related to active and healthy ageing

ENT has been participating in several EU R&D projects in the ambient and assisted living/active and healthy ageing domain. Some of the EU projects where ENT was involved, in technical roles, are MPOWER (middleware platform for the development of applications targeting older people), universAAL (universal open platform and reference specification for Ambient Assisted Living), eWALL (Electronic Wall to Improve Quality of Life for the Elderly), CareWell (Multi-level integration for patients with complex needs). Currently, ENT is involved in EU mHealth innovation and Knowledge Hub (created from a collaboration between WHO and ITU to support countries in integrating mHealth in national healthcare services) and naturally Pharaon.

Role of ENT in Pharaon

The ENT team is involved in all technical activities of Pharaon. From reviewing pilot requirements and defining the initial architecture, working on technology supporting tools and interoperability solutions to technology ecosystem integration and pilot deployment optimization and support. The ENT team leads the Work Package 4 on Technology Support Tools and some other tasks in the project, including ones related to cybersecurity. Special focus is directed in supporting pilots in Slovenia and Italy. The involvement in mentioned pilot is in the role of technical management and technology provider, making sure all the technical components are properly integrated and providing added value to our users.

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