MARISSA – Pharaon Second Open Call winner

Project Partners: Vidavo S.A. (VIDAVO), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), Alliance for Integrated Care (AfIC)

Country: Greece

The MARISSA project is a pioneering initiative in older people’s chronic disease management and welfare, precisely aligned with Pharaon’s objectives. It aims to deliver a holistic solution for implementing personalized care plans, remote monitoring and health and quality of life status analysis, offering older adults with Diabetes Type II and Sarcopenia, their caregiver and healthcare professionals, timely and relevant physical, mental health, and wellbeing information, enhancing health literacy relevant to the chronic disease status and personalized support for behavioural change and goal achievement. MARISSA’s digital platform, integrating a web and mobile application, ensures user-friendly human-computer interaction, accommodating various capacity limitations and ensuring rapid access to essential information. Healthcare professionals can seamlessly store and access medical data, create tailored care plans, and monitor patient progress. Patients are empowered to upload vital health metrics, track care plan adherence, and communicate effectively within a supportive community, significantly reducing feelings of isolation. Moreover, by integrating with other cutting-edge technologies in the Pharaon hub, MARISSA aims to enhance the capabilities of the Pharaon ecosystem, by providing an e-health platform which offers many points of integration with existing technologies. This integration ensures a seamless and interconnected healthcare management experience, promoting efficient and effective care delivery. Furthermore, MARISSA is committed to extending the reach of Pharaon beyond the current pilots, laying the groundwork for the implementation of a new, impactful pilot, where its solution will be validated. In essence, MARISSA stands as a comprehensive and innovative solution, significantly contributing to the advancement of older people’s healthcare management and the enhancement of the Pharaon ecosystem.