Medea Academy 2022 (20-23 June 2022, Artimino, Italy)

As part of the #Pharaonseries, a Pharaon project event organised by Pharaon partner Medea will focus on “Services Innovation Sustainability”. The event will be held in the context of the Medea Academy as a parallel event on 23 June 2022 at 10:30 CET in Artimino, Italy

The MEDEA Academy is an exclusive context tailored for networking and knowledge sharing on service innovation. It is based on an intensive one-week programme of activities, both from a theoretical and practical perspective, which will offer a training on the topic from different perspectives: emerging technologies, health-social science, data management, ethics and business topics, with a strong focus on user engagement prospective. It is an intensive opportunity for junior researchers and project managers that want to experience co-creation and group work in an international and interdisciplinary context.

When: 20-23 June 2022

Where: Artimino, Italy

Flyer to the #Pharaonseries Pharaon event

Flyer Pharaon event 

Final Programme Medea Academy

More information and registration can be found on the Medea Academy website (click here)