MildSight – Pharaon Second Open Call winner

Project Partners: Institute for elderly care and sheltered homes (ISRAA), Ideable Solutions, SL (Ideable)

Country: Italy, Spain

The MildSight Project will deploy a new pilot in Treviso where 20 people living alone in their own apartment will be connected to an ISRAA call-centre to be monitored. The user comes to the centre or receives a visit from the case manager and the automatic geriatric assessment tool questionnaire is completed. The home and the needs of the user and their environment are analysed. An automatic geriatric assessment tool is foreseen which provides a diagnosis of the person’s situation. It then generates a personalised care plan which is presented to the user and their caregivers and any necessary modifications are negotiated and made. This plan defines the interventions to be carried out with the user and the sensors to be installed and use cases to be monitored in a non-intrusive way. The user is offered a kit consisting of a tablet with internet connection to consult the calendar of activities and to be able to carry out different interventions: physical exercise, cognitive stimulation, leisure, etc. Pharaon’s PACO app would be integrated into the tablet to improve nutrition if deemed necessary according to the care plan.

Pharaon’s single sign on system could be also used. Sensors in the home would trigger alerts in the event of non-compliance with the rules that have been proposed according to the care plan and if there are anomalous behaviours detected by the AI engine. We offer the opportunity to test some Amicare sensors from the Pharaon infrastructure. All management and communication with older people would be carried out by the case managers from their management application in the centre.