Murcia pilot: Care improvement survey on heart failure

In the context of the Pharaon project, the pilot of Murcia, Spain, is developing a solution that aims at improving life for people with heart failure. The Murcian Health Service, the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, the Technological Center for Furniture and Wood CETEM, MIWenergía and Indra are working on a solution that later could also be extended to patients with other pathologies and to all persons covered by the Murcian Health Service.

To provide this solution, the Murcian pilot is asking for the views of patients, family members, informal carers and healthcare professionals in the region of Murcia via an anonymous online survey in Spanish to be able to design the best possible solution from the user’s point of view.

The questionnaire is anonymous and does not require the provision of confidential information. The results of the questionnaire will be analyzed and aggregated in accordance with the data protection law in Murcia (Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos Personales y Garantía de Derechos Digitales 3/2018).

If you are a patient with heart failure, family member, informal carer or health care professional in the Region of Murcia, we would very much appreciate your participation in the survey here (in Spanish): Encuesta de mejora de atención en Insuficiencia Cardíaca