Natural areas of active and healthy ageing – Portuguese Pharaon pilot factsheet

The European population is rapidly aging and concentrating in the urban environment. The Portuguese population is no exception to this trend. Living in cities is advantageous for older adults, providing better access to public transport and offering a greater variety of housing options, public and commercial services. However, life in cities leads to reduced contact with nature.

One of the aims of the Portuguese Pharaon pilot is to guide citizens, in particular the ageing population, in the search of a healthier connection with the natural areas close to their homes. Thereby contributing to the recognition that these areas are essential for the physical, mental and social well-being of all citizens. Furthermore, interest and respect for natural areas is stimulated, which is crucial for the proactive involvement of citizens in understanding, managing, and protecting natural areas.

Download the Portuguese Pharaon Pilot Factsheet on natural areas for healthy and active ageing in English .pdf (click here)

Download factsheet in Portuguese .pdf (click here)