New Pharaon publication: The iterative model of ethical analysis for large-scale implementation of ICT solutions

This manuscript presents a model and the methodology to understand and define the ethical management of the large-scale implementation of ICT solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing. Based on project expertise, including experience from the Pharaon project Horizon2020, this model includes an understanding of the main ethical challenges and the development of the necessary guidelines, measures, and tools for different stakeholder profiles. This model extends beyond conventional ethical guidelines, providing a methodology to actively discuss ethical and societal challenges within a project based on interactive and iterative dialogue between the entire value-chain of stakeholders. One of the cornerstones in the analysis of challenges is focused attention on policy and societal issues that emerge during a project. Accordingly, the model includes targeted reflections and tools delivered in the context of the recent Covid-19 pandemic. The tools developed in this process are organised in a guide that can be actively used throughout large-scale implementation projects related to ICT solutions.

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Dantas, Carina (2020) “THE ITERATIVE MODEL OF ETHICAL ANALYSIS FOR LARGE-SCALE IMPLEMENTATION OF ICT SOLUTIONS,” Translational Medicine @ UniSa: Vol. 23 : Iss. 4 , Article 23.