Orthokey – Who is who in Pharaon

Who we are

ORTHOKEY is an SME with highly qualified experience and skills in the socio-health sector, a context in which it has been developing advanced solutions and providing innovative services for about twenty years. It is a company certified since 2008 for the production of medical solutions according to the ISO 13485 directive.

ORTHOKEY has specific skills and solutions both in the field of advanced technologies for assisted surgery and in the context of services to support healthy and active aging.

What is our approach

Through a “co-creation” approach with key “stakeholders”, ORTHOKEY implements and supports innovation paths, with the prospect of always combining the innovation introduced with its usability, flexibility and sustainability. This approach is supported by cutting-edge technical skills, in-depth knowledge of the socio-health market and collaboration with international opinion leaders.

Our history in the field of funded projects

ORTHOKEY has always invested in partnerships creation with international clinical and research centers in order to support the creation of advanced solutions in the social-health sector. In this perspective, it has participated over the years in various strategic projects both at national and European level in the ICT, Connected Health and Ambient Assisted Living sectors. It is currently involved as partner in some reference projects in the field of assisted surgery such as: VOSTARS (G.A. No. 731974) and BDKNEE (G.A. No. 853943).

A special mention among the ongoing projects deserves the MEFISTO project (GA No. 814444), where it is responsible for the definition of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and the related framework for the impact assessment of an advanced solution in the field of nano-biomaterials functionalized for meniscus tissue regeneration.

Our role in the Pharaon project

As part of the PHARAON project, ORTHOKEY, in addition to being a partner of the Italian pilot, leads the activities of “Impact assurance”, coordinating strategies and actions for maximizing the impact of the project both at the level of the individual pilot sites (pilot sites), interacting with local “decision makers” and at European “decision makers” level.

Furthermore, ORTHOKEY is the leader of the “task” related to the generation of evidence of the impact of the innovation implemented in the project. In this activity, ORTHOKEY is joined by the company MEDEA S.r.l., which has many years of experience in the field. To corroborate this MEDEA’s expertise, we recall, among the various experiences, the leadership role currently held within the European project ACTIVAGE (GA: No 732679) relating to the socio-economic evaluation of the impact of IoT solutions in the “Active and Healthy Aging” domain (AHA).

Why is it important to generate evidence towards innovative service/solution impact?

In the area of product and service innovation, the impact assessment is a fundamental element capable of guiding the “decision makers” during the decision-making process and, therefore, favoring the entry of innovative solutions on the market.

ORTHOKEY and MEDEA support this process by generating evidence of the multidimensional value of innovation, and in particular by evaluating its impact on the quality of life of users, their level of acceptance and the contribution it is able to provide to the sustainability of services.


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