Room full of people attending the roundtable

Pharaon engages older people and policy makers at the Third Life Festival in Slovenia

Pharaon participated in the 21st Festival for the Third Life Period which was held in Ljubljana on 27-29 September, 2022. The Festival for the Third Life Period is one of the largest events for older people in Europe, dedicated to active aging and the coexistence of all generations, which is the central celebration of the International Day of Older People in the Republic of Slovenia. The event attracted 13,600 visitors from Slovenia and abroad, among whom were representatives of all generations, but mostly older people over 55 years of age.

Pharaon partner Senlab (male) sitting in a booth. On top of the booth is a sign saying "Pharaon". The table he is sitting behind reads "Daisy" which is Senlab's product

Presentation of the Pharaon project at the 21st Festival for the Third Life Period

Pharaon was presented with a stand and as part of a round table. At the stand of SenLab d.o.o., a partner of the Pharaon project, the SeniorsPhone application and the Daisy video conference system were presented. The passers-by were mostly older adults.

The main theme of this year’s professional program was digitization for all generations, an area of particular importance for older people. There were eight very interesting round tables on current topics, such as the digitalization of society and the state, the Madrid Action Plan on Aging (20 years of MIPPA), living conditions for older people, integrated care for older people, lack of personnel in the implementation of social care services and programs for older people, gerontology and geriatrics, longevity and language as a tool of inclusion and empowerment.

Jure Lampe from SenLab d.o.o., partner of the Pharaon project, participated in the round table “What changes should digital transformation bring to the lives of older adults and vulnerable groups?”. The round table was moderated by Andrej Jus with the main goal to identify ways to include older people and vulnerable groups in the digital transformation. In the introduction to the round table, Minister of Public Administration Sanja Ajanovič Hovnik and Dr. Aida Kamišalić Latifić, State Secretary at the Government Service for Digital Transformation, presented the priority tasks and challenges of the digital transformation of Slovenian society. The members of round table were: Tjaša Sobočan, Government Office for Digital Transformation; M.Sc. Simon Delakorda, INePA Institute and coordinator of the NGO Network for an inclusive information society; Ana Pleško, Simbioza Genesis, social enterprise; Kristina Valenčič, Ministry of Public Administration; Janez Portir, City Association of Pensioners Ljubljana OPZDU; dr. Franc Trček, Government Service for Development and Cohesion Policy; M.Sc. Neja Samar Brenčič, Institute IZRIIS; Matjaž Ugovšek, Spirit of Time Society. At the end of the round table, Jure Lampe presented the video-conferencing system Daisy and the SeniorsPhone application. The Daisy video-conferencing system enables communication with relatives and friends, and, if necessary, with the doctor and other medical personnel, and the SeniorsPhone application enables older people to use smartphones more easily. The participants of the round table were impressed by the presented digital tools and praised their value.