Pharaon highlights the importance of effective communciation on air quality with the Society of Preventive Medicine in Ljubljana

On December 8, 2023, Pharaon partner the Slovenian Public Institute of Health (NIJZ) participated in a meeting with the Society of Preventive Medicine in Ljubljana, where we proudly presented Pharaon in the context of air quality. The central theme of the event was the importance of effective communication with target audiences in public health. Our booth served as a space for healthcare professionals, society members, and participants to exchange ideas and learn about the latest achievements in the field of public health.

We specifically presented the Pharaon project to raise awareness about the issue of air pollution and emphasize the importance of health and the environment in a broader context. We created posters as a source of information, and additionally, handy brochures were made available. During breaks, we actively engaged with visitors who explored our contributions and addressed their questions. Committed to transparency and information accessibility, we endeavored to provide clear and understandable explanations. Our presence at the event was an excellent opportunity for exchanging professional knowledge, networking, and strengthening connections with other stakeholders in the field of public health. In doing so, we contributed to expanding awareness of the importance of a healthy environment and how each individual can contribute to improving air quality. Together, we are building bridges between expertise and the public, fostering dialogue, and promoting sustainable approaches to enhance public health and the quality of life.