Pharaon publication: How To Train Your Stakeholders: Skill Training In Participatory Health Research

Currently, health research increasingly involves diverse groups of stakeholders. Such collaborations occur on various levels, where in some cases, stakeholders become co-researchers. However, these stakeholders (e.g. patients) are not always trained in the necessary research skills. On the other hand, researchers are not trained to collaborate with stakeholders. While there is agreement that skill training should be offered as an integral part of participatory health, so far knowledge is lacking on what such a training should look like. This workshop aims to collect experiences from those who have either previously implemented stakeholder skill training or have experiences where stakeholder skill training was lacking but would have been beneficial, and facilitate the exchange of ideas between participants who are interested in the topic. The outcomes will be communicated in ways that are accessible for academic and non-academic stakeholders and will provide them with guidance for conducting stakeholder skill training.

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