Pharaon shows how to innovate the way we age well in Europe

Pharaon partner Gerontopole organized a Pharaon booth at the European Active and Healthy Ageing Week in Gdansk on 18-20 October 2022. Over 1,000 people from 25+ countries attended the event, including Pharaon partners SCMA, CDC and Medea to participate in workshops such as ‘’Health and Care Innovative Ecosystems-facilitating a life-course approach to active and healthy ageing: Building the case for Integrated Care’’ and network with other active and healthy ageing stakeholders.

The Pharaon booth was well visited, flyers were provided and nice videos from pilot sites’ recruitment and large-scale deployment were shown. In-depth discussions were held with representatives from universities, companies and cities covering different European regions. Visitors were impressed by the work done in the pilot sites and the fact that all pilots are different (needs, technologies…). They were also curious about the time allocated to the project given the work describe and wanted to have information about the technologies involved in the project. Questions about the Open Call were also posed and they were advised to look out for the launch of the second open call.