Pharaon supports digital inclusion of older adults in Andalusia

Pharaon partner University of Jaén has demonstrated a firm commitment to digital inclusion and the well-being of older adults through its participation in the Pharaon project in Andalusia. In a significant gesture of support and solidarity, the university has announced that it will give the tablets provided during the project to the most committed participants. This decision aims to guarantee that older adults continue to benefit from the technological tools that have been fundamental to improving their quality of life and their social integration.
In addition to facilitating connectivity, the University of Jaén has played a crucial role in the implementation of training workshops and the use of the NeuronUP platform for cognitive stimulation. This approach has not only allowed participants to become familiar with the use of technology, but has also stimulated their active participation in a digital community, mitigating loneliness and fostering valuable social connections.
The project, which has seen its number of users and activities grow over time, reflects the commitment of the University of Jaén to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for older adults. The decision to award the tablets is a clear reflection of the university’s vision of empowering each individual, demonstrating that age is not a barrier to technological integration or personal fulfillment.