Pharaon sustaining innovation at AgeingFit 2024

Pharaon, its solutions and results were presented in multiple settings at AgeingFit in Lille, France on 11 and 12 March 2024.

Pharaon partners AGE Platform Europe, University of Florence, Caritas Diocesana de Coimbra and Minds and Sparks showcased Pharaon at the exhibition of area with the Pharaon pilot posters and videos on its impact. Conference attendees were also provided the opportunity to try Pharaon solutions first hand: the Sentab social network, sensors measuring temperature, humidity and movement, the Zensi intelligent behavioral monitoring based on smart sensors under the mattress, the Pharaon market place Cataalogue, and the Citizeen app for green and blue spaces. Over the course of two days, Pharaon partners engaged with around 75 people from Norway to Egypt, representing health and care authorities, policy makers, SMEs, industry and the general public.

In addition to being showcased at the exhibition, the Citizeen app was also presented by our Pharaon partner Elisabete, Pitarma, Cáritas Coimbra, during the panel on “What are the latest technological innovations to address mental health issues among older adults?” About 60 people participated in the session and learned about how the Pharaon solution Citizeen can support mental health by discovering blue and green spaces.

Erika Rovini, University of Florence, also highlighted Pharaon during a session on “Innovative therapeutic approaches and diagnostic for neurodegenerative diseases” attended by around 40 people.

Overall, AgeingFit was a great opportunity to showcase Pharaon results, successes and lessons learnt and engage with a multitude of people from different background and countries to hopefully further engage in our efforts to make the project sustainable.