Rosa: “Using technology makes me feel in company and…projected to the future!”

Rosa is seventy years old; she lives alone in a province in southern Tuscany and when she was asked to participate in the Pharaon project, she accepted without hesitation. She was requested to test the socialization service with the aim of increasing opportunities to keep in contact with her family members and Francesca, her home educator, through the Sentab TV Box.

“I like making video calls and chatting, but above all I like playing games, because my mind needs to stay trained!”

Rosa says that making calls with the television allows her to see people she talks with as they were there, and it’s more beautiful than talking by phone. She admits she had some difficulties at first to learn how to use Sentab features, but Francesca helped her with frequent home visits, showing her many times every step and pushing her to keep on trying autonomously. She feels lucky for participating to this trial and she also thinks that testing devices for home care services is something useful for other older adults. Furthermore, she feels younger and projected into the future testing by herself tools she doesn’t know and she has never tried before. For the future after Pharaon, she hopes to be involved again in some other project!