SAVE THE DATE (28th October) ODIN Webinar Series #2: Operating Room of the Future of the Future

ODIN project is a project about use robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and other key technologies for improving the optimization of the information flows across hospitals, clinical and management processes in order to enhance the efficiency, the patient safety and the hospital digitalization.

In this context, they have designed the Hospitals of the Future 360º webinars series, to generate a professional forum to share the vision, opinion and ideas of Hospitals of the Future community. We are glad to announce the second official webinar, led by Medtronic that will address the Operating Room of the Future topic. The session will take place on 28th October 2021 from 1pm to 2pm. (CEST). SAVE THE DATE and JOIN US!

They are pleased to announce the participation of the following panelists, who will discuss about the challenges of ORs management, the main current innovations in the sector, and the novelties expected in the coming years.

Just follow this link to register and receive further instructions.

The session in a nutshell: Operating Room of the future: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and emerging innovations.

How will surgeons operate in the future? The future OR, as an intelligent environment, will be equipped with sensors, robots and AI; it will proactively react to the needs of surgeons and patients, allowing healthcare professionals to fully understand and cope with the situation, consequently improving the healthcare outcomes.

Stay tuned to the ODIN website and Social Media channels to know more about the vibrant session and do not hesitate to share the details among your network!