Sheld-on COST Action final event (6 April 2022, Izola, Slovenia)

As part of the #Pharaonseries, Pharaon will be presented at the final event of the COST Action Sheld-on on 6 April 2022 in Izola, Slovenia. Sheld-on is a multidisciplinary network supported by the COST Association to support the development of solutions that allow older persons to live safely, comfortably, and healthily at home through integrating design, ICT, ergonomics and health knowledge into furniture and building design.

Pharaon will be presented as one of the activities born under Sheld-on, showcasing its experience with user requirements, the open call, reference models and architectures, and insights from the Murcian and Slovenian pilots.

Where: Izola, Slovenia

When: 6 April 2022

More information at the event website (click here)