What happens after the Pharaon study? Answers from the Dutch Pilot Site

Many Dutch Pharaon Plusbus locations have now completed the study. What happens to the participants now?

A number of locations have indeed completed the study. Participants from these locations, like all other participants, will continue to receive the monthly Dutch newsletter until the end of the year. At the end of the year, when all locations have completed the study, all participants receive a special issue of the newsletter in which the results of the study are shared. A number of participants are also invited for an interview in which we would like to discuss their experiences. Everyone is of course welcome to contact us now to share experiences and ask questions.

The people that finished now have answered the same questionnaire at three different times. What happens to that data now?

The last location will complete the study in November this year. We will then combine and analyze all data from all locations, anonymised of course. We look at outcomes at group level. We are particularly curious about how technology can contribute to the quality of life of older people. With the experiences and outcomes of this study, we make recommendations for future projects, so that technology can be developed that optimally supports older people. An extremely beautiful and important goal to which every completed questionnaire contributes. We are therefore very grateful for all contributions from our study participants; there would be no study without you!

The answers were provided by the Dutch Pharaon Pilot Coordinator Angelique Tinga. If you have any questions about this pilot, click here to send her an email