Large Scale Pilots

Pharaon is one of a number of Large Scale Pilots under the “Digitising European Industry” strategy.

The Large Scale Pilots closest related to Pharaon are Gatekeeper, SHAPES and Smartbear as they are also focused on health & care.

Together with Pharaon, Gatekeeper, Smartbear and Shapes , 4 more projects – Smart4HealthAdlifeInteropEHRate and Faith – currently make up the health care sector cluster which spans 20 countries and 41 pilots. The cluster which is supported by EHTEL as ambassador, is structured along 5 working groups.

Working Group 1 focuses on joint dissemination opportunities for the cluster’s members, from common dissemination materials to collaborative presentations at conferences. Working Group 4 is also led by Pharaon and focuses on architectures, standards, reusable components with the objectives to:

  • Stimulate coordination and cooperation among participating projects in health and care domain and stakeholders to achieve synergies and deliver value,
  • Share knowledge, (common/best) practices, valuable materials and information,
  • Identify common points and detect gaps.

But Large Scale Pilots are not restricted to health & care, they also look at areas such as smart farming – SmartAgriHubs, Demeter and Atlas – or smart energy e.g. Interconnect.

You can learn more about ongoing and completed Large Scale Pilots in health & care, manufacturing, agriculture and energy on the website of OPEN DEI – the project that aligns Large Scale Pilots in the Digitising European Industry.