Antonio: ““With the devices provided by the project, I feel that I have improved my habits, thanks to the continuous monitoring of my health status!””

Antonio (pseudonym) is one of the participants in the Pharaon project using the monitoring service, and after the first six months of using the system, he expresses his enthusiasm in this way. He states that since the project started, he has felt like an active protagonist in his life. Every day (and even during the night) he wears the smartwatch provided in the kit during the enrollment and training phase of the experimental project. The training took place at the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Research Hospital, in the Geriatrics Unit, on the premises of the Clinical Psychology office.

In general, Antonio has always enjoyed staying active: he was used to cycling and taking long walks, but since he started wearing the smartwatch, he frequently checks the number of steps and the number of hours of sleep directly from the watch or on the app installed on the smartphone, which is provided for the study too.

But it doesn’t end there… Along with the watch and the app, Antonio claims that thanks to the air quality sensor, he now checks the conditions of the environment he lives in more frequently. After cooking or doing housework, “The sensor indicates when the air is polluted,” Antonio tells us. “Now, in fact, I open the windows more often to let fresh and clean air in.”

Knowing that the data collected about his daily health condition can be observed by healthcare professionals makes Antonio feel more protected and secure. Furthermore, Antonio, being aware of his role as the protagonist of his health status encourages him in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle day after day.

“Learning to use the watch, the app, and the sensor was easy thanks to the initial training,” says Antonio, who is already wondering if he will be able to do without them when his participation in the Pharaon project ends.