Citizeen Science Action in Portugal

On the 20th of January 2024, a Citizen Science action was carried out within the scope of the Pharaon Project, with the Open Call 1 winner application Citizeen. This initiative was promoted by three entities, the Diocesan Caritas of Coimbra, the MARE – Centro de Ciências do Mar e do Ambiente – Universidade de Coimbra (MARE-UC) and OWLplaces, in Ribeira da Arregaça in Coimbra, with the participation of approximately 30 people. Through the Citizeen app, volunteers had the opportunity to learn more about the space, mapping the biodiversity and identifying the problems of this green and blue zone of this city.
If you live close to Coimbra and wish to join this volunteer movement and participate in the project, you can fill out the following form (click here). After registration, we will inform you of the dates of future activities related to this technology. The Innovation Department of Caritas Coimbra will monitor and provide the necessary support for the use of the Citizeen application.
What is Citizeen?
Citizeen is an application for use on smart phones, which aims to promote the involvement of citizens with the preservation of nature in cities, stimulate physical and mental activity and provide information so that people can make the most of the green and blue spaces near them. Through Citizeen, anyone can: share georeferenced photos of species and places of interest in the city; mapping, through spatial technology, the sites according to the thermal and vegetation index; and also give suggestions for improving the places they visit.