Navigating Tech Concerns: Insights from Older Adults in our Slovenian Pilot

The Slovenian pilot has delved into the desires and needs of older adults when it comes to embracing new technologies. Direct interaction with users has been enlightening, providing valuable insights into their expectations and the barriers they face in adopting IT solutions:
“The genuine concern lies in the fear of not mastering technology or the potential failure of the internet and related tech elements.” – Maruccia
“Worry stems from all-day operation. Optimizing technology for continuous use without causing undue stress is a challenge.” – Eva
“Concerns arise from impersonal contact, breakdowns, and the resistance of older adults to learn or accept technology. Bridging this gap effectively is crucial.” – Valter
“The challenge lies in regular use and the process of getting older people accustomed to technology. Smoothing this transition is essential.” – Barbara
“A valid concern centers around the misuse of data. Safeguarding against unauthorized access and protecting user information is paramount.” – Franci
“Crucially, privacy protection is a concern. Striking a balance between innovation and safeguarding personal information is essential.” – Margareta
“Overwhelming changes in technology prompt concerns. Equipping users to adapt to these advancements is a priority.” – Leonard