Open call 1 solutions implemented in the Italian pilot

During the initial needs analysis of the Italian pilot, we identified a number of technological and equipment gaps, especially related to Cognitive Stimulation (Tuscany pilot site) and Physical and Cognitive Stimulation (Apulia pilot site). Therefore, during the first Pharaon open call we were looking for solutions that could provide personalised cognitive stimulation, activity and progress tracking, and coaching, as well as for digital solution that could utilise data collected from wearables, and provide personalised coaching on physical activity to improve the health and wellbeing of older adults. At the end of the evaluation process, four winning applicants were selected for the Italian Pilot: SFTONE, Ab.Acus, MoreCognition, AICRUM IT.

In the Tuscany pilot, SFTONE with “Cognitive training for older people to improve activities of daily living and expand independent life” aims to validate a software that can prevent cognitive decline in older people with the ultimate goal of extending their autonomous living.

Ab.Acus, with “Physical and Cognitive Rehabilitation Framework”, introduced at both Italian pilot sites, the Phy-co! solution which implements this approach by integrating cognitive and physical training exercises in a smartphone app and a connected clinical dashboard.

MoreCognition presents “REMO@PHArA-ON: the clinically tested Digital Rehabilitation Assistant” in the Apulia pilot site, whose solution will fill the ecosystem needs of the Pharaon platform by adding the possibility of performing physical and rehabilitation exercises delivered both at home and at private and public rehabilitation services.  Moreover, it is classified as Medical Device class I.

AICRUM IT with “Personalised coaching on physical activity to improve the health and wellbeing of older adults” aims to propose older adults exercise and to monitor their status using the smartwatch; moreover, the caregiver can monitor the status by accessing through the dashboard. This last solution will be used only at the Apulia site.