Our goals and dreams for 2023!

The British writer C.S. Lewis said: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Pharaon is entering its final stage and besides all the goals and dreams we have for the project, our Pharaon partners also have their own active, social or funny goals for 2023. Some goals are easier to achieve than others, and some people resolve to have no resolutions at all – they probably keep it with the Canadian painter F.M. Knowles: “He who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool”. Enjoy the sneak peek into our Pharaon partners’ New Year’s resolutions!

‘I hope to be able to contribute to slow down the chaos and entropy we have in the world and in our life, by improving relationships with other people and staying away from unnecessary things!’ Filippo Cavallo, University of Florence

‘My resolution: draw more! And also at work. As part of this, I will also be doing a business drawing course in Feb/March so for the Dutch Pharaon newsletter from April onwards, you may poll me on the progress of my resolution;). You can find a preview here on the left.’  Simone de Graaf, National Foundation for Elderly

‘Eating healthier and exercising more. Spending more time with my little daughter and finishing my PhD.‘ Sefora Tunç, University of Twente

‘2022 was a tough year for me, so I promised myself to CELEBRATE whatever kind of achievement I get, no matter how big or small they are, they will deserve a celebration to a certain extent.’ Francisco Melero, CETEM

‘I want to start exercising frequently again. So far, it has been quite a challenge to really pick up a sport (besides walking and cycling) with moving, renovating, having a baby, and recovering from pregnancy. It remains a challenge, but I feel very good when I exercise more. Every sports session immediately gives more energy, so this should work for me!’  Angelique Tinga, University of Twente

‘Stay healthy and take care of vulnerable groups, including older adults. When you have your health, you have everything!’ Katarina Bitenc, Slovenian National Institute for Health

‘My New Year’s resolution is: have more sociable moments with other people.’ Freek Boesten, Maastricht Instruments

‘In 2023 I want to dedicate more time to be with my family and friends which means, at the same time, that I need to be more efficient on the management of working time and more productive to release more time to be with the ones that deserve our best attention.’ Adriano Fernandes, Misericordia of Amadora

‘Over the past year, I have not moved enough and I don’t feel good about that. So moving more and being outside will be my resolution.’ Lennart van Vulpen, National Foundation for Elderly

‘I wish I had time to do more theater, I would spend more time traveling and see new places. I wish to see my friends more.’ Laura Fiorini, University of Florence

‘My New Year’s resolution in Pharaon is to show that IT can make life easier. For all of AdSysCo, 2023 is dedicated to “IT’s better”, in which we will explicitly address the added value of IT for welfare and care.’ Dirk Winkel, AdSySco

‘To be honest, I am not a new-year-resolution kind of guy. This time is just for holidays and celebrations, and maybe, feeling a little older ? especially the day after New Year’s Eve. For me, summertime is best for this. Anyway, how about these ones: *Life: more time with friends; *Work-life: Stick to work-exercise-family-sleep time routine; * Work: Improve the prioritisation of work tasks and projects. Celebrate the successes with colleagues; *Pharaon (more a wish than a resolution): Get partners to think about and commit to their best possible contribution to make Pharaon a greater success during its final stretch.’ Rafael Maestre, CETEM

‘I spend my evenings and weekends writing a small, funny book about healthy ageing. I hope to get that published this year. In addition, my mother is increasingly affected by the muscle disease ALS. I want to spend a lot of time with her.’ Femke Nijboer, University of Twente

‘My hope for this 2023 is to try to take slowly and in a more relaxed way working staff and enjoy my family life ;)’ Pietro Dionisio, Medea

‘Personally, I will try to spend time as much as possible with my relatives: tenderness and laughter on the agenda! From professional point of view, I hope to continue to work on active and healthy ageing at European level because it’s the way to share, to learn and stay open-minded to other cultures which I think really important during this time’ Isabelle Lesterp, Autonom’Lab

‘I want to organise more dinners with friends’ Eva Siderakis, National Foundation for Elderly

‘As we’re entering the final phase of Pharaon, our goal is to promote Pharaon as a whole and maximize the impact of all the great work that has been done by pilots and partners throughout the years. On a personal level, I would like to explore more what is happening in my local community in Brussels. I plan to attend more local cultural events but also discover the nature that still exists in the city – just today I learned about an agricultural cooperative that is breeding dairy sheep not too far from my home!’ Vera Hörmann, AGE Platform Europe

‘My resolution is to decide and finish things faster, instead of letting them lie or procrastinating. I’ve already managed to do that with a photo book which I had left for a really long time (half-finished). Hopefully many more will follow!’ Marike Hendriks, Maastricht Instruments

‘Being more courageous in guarding my personal borders.’ Gisela Hagmair, Minds & Sparks

‘Making more use of my standing desk (see photo). Because sitting is the new smoking, haha.‘  Kira Oberschmidt, Roessingh Research and Development

‚Here my New Year’s resolutions: Find more time to study; Be more open to the needs of the people around me.’ Lara Toccafondi, Umana Persone

‘I just read a book on behaviour change, so I have achievable and measurable resolutions: Run three times a week and meditate five times a week’ Christiane Grünloh, Roessingh Research and Development

‚What a nice challenge! Some of my intentions for 2023 are: Finish my acting course by July 2023 (when I will perform a final play); Renovate my home bathroom until August 2023; Visit one museum per month with my daughters; Exercise at least 2 x per week (start a new modality – swimming); Make two trips with the whole family (parents, brothers, nephews, and daughters)‘ Elisabete Pitarma, Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra

‘My resolution is to focus on the really important things in my life. These I have put on paper so that I can really focus on them.’ Suzanne Odijk, AdSysCo

‘To be perfectly honest, I don’t do that at all, New Year’s resolutions. But I don’t think an empty space does much good either. Or do you want me to make something up?’ Danny Jansen, AdSysCo

‘Uhm… actually, I really hate New Year’s resolutions, as they are generally planned disappointments. If I really want something I just do it. But one wish of mine is to be a better househusband once in a while. And start doing laundry and all the other stupid little tasks a bit earlier!‘ David Huybens, University of Twente

My New Year’s resolutions is to exercise routinely and graduate from my master’s degree this year.’ Stephan Leinweber, University of Twente